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Established in Aug. 1998, Taino Fulun Machinery Co. Ltd is a joint venture entity between Qingdao Taino Machinery Co. Ltd and Singapore FL & L International Pte. Ltd.

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Qingdao Tainuo won the title of "Excellent Cooperative Supplier" of Hisense Air-Conditioning in 2019

Recently, it has been learned that Qingdao Technovel Machinery Co., Ltd. won the honorable title of "Excellent Supplier" of Hisense Air Conditioning in 2019. The company has been rooted in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry for many years. It has been intensively cultivated, diligent and pragmatic, and has won one honor after another. The honor not only represents the recognition of our customers for our previous work, but also contains expectations for our future work. In the future work, the company will continue to uphold the concept of "benevolence, efficiency, and innovation", always keep in mind the development principle of "our commitment to customers, and social responsibility is more important than Mount Tai", with a more open and pragmatic attitude. , Pay attention to the needs of the market, and provide customers with more abundant quality products and services.

New Year's Message from Tylenol Group

Join forces to win change, forge ahead 2019 is about to leave us, and the new year has come to us. When we say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, we have mixed feelings. In the busy and orderly work, we Taino people have spent an extraordinary 2019. year. In 2019, we Tainuo people watered the harvest with sweat and worked hard to move forward. With the joint efforts of all Tainuo people, we have a full spirit, passionate working attitude and steady and steady working spirit, and follow Tainuo's business philosophy of "humanity, efficiency, pragmatism, and innovation". From safe production, product quality, Efforts were made in improving efficiency, product delivery, and customer satisfaction, and achieved good results. The year 2019 is a year of passionate innovation; 2019 is a year of harvest full of history. This year, Tainuo people have used their own technology and strength to create brilliant achievements. Tainuo people are using extremely diligent hands to complete the sacred mission of surpassing themselves. Yesterday’s splendor is as bright as the sun, and today’s hard work unites everyone into a fist. In the past year, we united and worked hard, sweating and planting hope to bury our achievements in our hearts. Goodbye 2019, hello 2020! In the new year, we firmly believe that God pays for our hard work, and that there is always a reward for our efforts. Let us embark on a new journey under the leadership of the company, continue to work hard to create brilliance, and continue to write a new chapter for Tylenol. In 2020, let us seize the day and live up to our youth, and we are willing to join hands with everyone to win change, forge ahead, set sail together, and ride the wind and waves! Happy New Year to all employees of Tylenol Group!
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