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Established in Aug. 1998, Taino Fulun Machinery Co. Ltd is a joint venture entity between Qingdao Taino Machinery Co. Ltd and Singapore FL & L International Pte. Ltd.

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Exclusive holiday, customized happiness

March is fragrant, women are like flowers, blooming in the most beautiful season, gentle breeze, beautiful picturesque, all in love companies. March 8th is the annual Goddess Day, a festival for women throughout the company. The company has prepared bouquets of roses, lilies, carnations, gypsophila, forget-me-nots and other flower bouquets and exquisite viewing passes for all female employees. The delicately packed bunches of beautiful flowers contain the company’s best wishes to the female compatriots. I hope everyone is as bright and beautiful as flowers. The exquisite movie tickets mean that you must remember to pamper yourself while you are busy at work. . The company was full of laughter and sincere blessings. I clearly saw the happiness on the face of every colleague. All of them said: "Today is a warm, happy and happy day." The 38th Goddess Festival is a key festival of Tainuo, and various activities are held every year to thank the female employees for their dedication and contribution to the company. Female employees are an indispensable and important force for the company's development. They always give full play to their value with a high sense of responsibility, high enthusiasm for work, love and dedication to their jobs. This event not only allows female employees to relax in their busy work and life, but also allows everyone to deeply feel the company’s care and the warmth of the Tylenol family. They will continue to work hard in the future to better contribute to the company’s development. contribute my effort.

Step into the spring and embrace nature-----Taylor Group's "Strawberry Picking" activity

The plan of the year lies in spring. Spring is the season for all things to recover. Spring is warm and flowers are blooming, and there is a peaceful scenery. After work, the family members of Tainuol Group carried out a spring outing and relaxing team building activities, and walked in together. Picking sweet and delicious strawberries in the countryside, enjoy the cosiness of spring, and get in touch with the beautiful nature. The sun hasn't fully risen in the morning, and colleagues can't wait to reach the strawberry picking greenhouse. After entering the greenhouse, you see slices of red strawberries with a strong fragrance. They are looming under the cover of the green leaves. The friends are eager to try. They can’t wait to taste the strawberries, and the sweet strawberry juice flows in them. The mouths of colleagues also flowed into our hearts... The sweetness of the strawberry makes my colleagues want to share it with their friends and relatives. Everyone is holding a small basket, and the harvest will be full for a while. Looking at the ripe fruits picked by themselves, they are happy and think that they can share with their family members. Sharing this sweet beauty together is even more joyful, and the strawberry garden is full of joy and laughter.    After an hour of picking, good partners at work and friends in life took a group photo together...   采摘结束后,同事们一起共进了午餐,在享受了美食带来的愉悦后,经过短暂的休息,同事们驱车返回公司,开启了下午的工作模式。   与大自然亲密接触的时间虽然相对短暂,但尤为满足,缓解工作压力的同时,增进了同事们之间的友谊,合作共进,一起为泰诺美好的明天共同努力,同时也期待下一次的户外相聚……   2021.3
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